Intro Questions

1. My name is Penelope Winton and I'm a junior in Sam Fox studying Communication Design and Art History.

2. Having the tools to code and construct web pages is more important than ever, and happens to coincide with my area of study. I'm glad that my major is pushing me out of my comfort zone to actually take a course in web design.

3. My only experience with HTML/CSS/JS is from crafty attempts to create personal blogs or portfolios, but I've never gone further than inserting pictures and text.

4. I hope I can create my own portfolio website!

5. Designing on screen gives us a world of color selections, fonts, and brushes at our finger tips. One thing that stands out to met about web design is the vibrancy you can easily achieve, which is difficult to do with physical mediums.

6. I find the Walker Art Center's minimalism very satisfying, but there's still an element of creativity that keeps me exploring the website.

7. I like the Daily Mail Cheat Sheet because I can scroll down and see the top 10 headlines on one concise page.

8. I like how fun and engaging the design of this website is. It feels very personalized.